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March 2010

Public Statement…Tiger Woods called it a ‘statement.’ John Edwards, Mark Sanford, Newt Gingrich, Bill Clinton,  even talk show host David Letterman all called it a ‘statement,’ but we all know that it is a public apology for atrocious behavior. It’s shameful, painfully embarrassing, and rightfully so, has ruined more than a few professional careers. I never thought it would come to this, but unfortunately the time has come for me to join the despicable ranks with my own public ‘statement.’ Please don’t judge me until you hear both sides of the story. Believe me, this hurts me more than it hurts you. Here goes; the next TNSAR general meeting is at the Granlibakken Hut, Monday, March 1st, 6:30pm. There, it’s out. Now it’s public knowledge. I feel better already. Call Oprah and let the healing begin!

2010.3.7… after a cold, mostly cloudy, and somewhat gloomy finish to January, the first few weeks of February brought temperatures in the high 40’s , even low 50’s, to the Tahoe basin. I doubt I was the only one to suffer a moment of brief panic envisioning the Great Ski Race course evaporating in the unseasonably warm weather. Well, as I scribble away snowflakes are falling outside my window and temperatures are again behaving like it is February and not June. From my own biased groomer’s  perspective, I can happily report that the GSR course is definitely not evaporating; the Tahoe City side of the course is in fine shape indeed. Some skiers are reporting that this is the best Nordic skiing we’ve had in years. Grooming on the Truckee side of the course should begin any day now. A week or so ago, Tahoe Cross Country hosted the ‘Great Pre Race’ up to Soup Station 1. I believe the unofficial winner’s time was just a few seconds over 40 minutes. If this chilly weather continues we could be looking at some very fast times. Who knows, maybe even some new course records. To date we have 220 pre-registered racers. Only 935 racers to go to break the all time record set back in 2005 (1,155 total racers). For those of you who have yet to find your true GSR calling, Chris McConnell is standing by (546-4235) with a list of places for lost GSR souls to go. Better yet, create your own GSR destiny. Re-invent yourself and mold a novel volunteer position. How about a sushi stand at Soup Station 1? Mid-race poetry slam at Soup Station 2? Dream big… your own staff… personalized license plates for your fleet of private vehicles…six figure corporate kickbacks…a seat  next to Rod Blagojevich on the new Celebrity Apprentice…the possibilities are endless.

Searches, or rather Search… in terms of searches, February has been as slow as January was busy. So far we have only been called out for one search. Wednesday, February 17th, TNSAR responded to a callout for two missing cross country skiers in Paige Meadows. The two skiers departed from the Silver Tip trailhead for a day tour of the meadows. It was a beautiful, cloudless day. Unfortunately as the day wore on and the skiers ventured farther and farther into the maze of meadows, they became a bit confused as to exactly where they might be. That’s understandable; completely understandable in fact. As a searcher, one whose task is to find lost skiers in Paige Meadows, I can honestly say that I rarely, if ever, know where I am in Paige Meadows. GPS coordinates be damned, it is downright confusing out there. Anyways, the two skiers were fully prepared with maps, cell phones, extra food, water, and clothing, but erred on the safe side and decided to call 911 when it became clear that they were lost. TNSAR responded with skiers and snowmobiles and located the missing pair below Scott Peak. Once again, TNSAR’s snowmobile team has proven themselves to be an air polluting, obnoxiously loud, ski trail wrecking, illiterate, power hungry, raucous bunch of search and rescue volunteers who are absolutely indispensible for these types of searches. Now if we could just get them to deal with their personal hygiene....Gotta run, I think I hear a snowmobile coming.



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