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December 2010

This …is a snocat














This… is a boat

Not to oversimplify things, but boats float. Snocats do not float. For more information, come to the next TNSAR general meeting at the Granlibakken Hut, Monday, December 13th, 6:30pm. At least two TNSAR snocat operators will be on hand to answer any questions about the difference between snocats and boats.

Shop ‘til you drop...for a mere $499 you too can own a pair of ZealOptics Transcend GPS goggles. Yes, GPS enabled goggles. http://www.zealoptics.com/ With full feature GPS capabilities. You can get your speed, altitude, amount of vertical, distance, the temperature, the time of day, and of course, your location, all packed into a tiny LCD screen inside the goggle lens. Yes, inside the goggle lens. So essentially, while you’re zipping down the mountain run on a Saturday afternoon during the Christmas holidays, you don’t really have to look where you’re going. The little LCD screen inside your goggles will show you your precise location and exactly how fast you are going. It’s really up to the other skiers and boarders to get out of your way because clearly, without these goggles they don’t know where they are. They are the lost ones. Losers. And, most importantly, while you are looking into that little LCD screen, you will know exactly what time it is and what the temperature is when you smash into the giant Jeffrey pine right in front of you. Oh Santa, please bring me these new goggles!

Farewell Dear Friend…TNSAR flags flew at half mast this past month as we bid adieu to one of our dear friends, Roman Hustad. Roman was an integral TNSAR team member, always quick witted and quicker with a smile. Working almost entirely behind the scenes, Roman was instrumental in creating online registration for the Great Ski Race and reconfiguring the TNSAR website. Roman was voted as a Member of the Year for 2002/2003 season. Roman was a tremendously talented programmer, a kind and devoted father and husband, and was a quintessential TNSAR volunteer. His giving was boundless and unconditional and he will be sorely missed by the greater TNSAR community. Our hearts go out to his wife and kids.




Inebriated…In-e-bri-a-ted: adj  \i-ˈnÁ-brÁ-ˌ‚-təd/: exhilarated or confused by or as if by alcohol : Intoxicated.

TNSAR pagers did go off recently but I hesitate to call it a search. It was more of a reawakening. Sometime in the wee hours of Tuesday, December 8th, an individual went missing somewhere in Squaw Valley. Technically he was not missing, he was just temporarily exhilarated or confused as if by alcohol. And in this exhilarated and confused state he wandered into someone’s house and passed out in the master bedroom. I’m sure the exhilaration part came on when the police cars showed up. Whoops.

 Many Thanks…go out to Dave Polivy of Tahoe Mountain Sports for hosting another ProNite at the Tahoe Mountain Sports World Headquarters in Kings Beach. Dave and his crew did a great job outfitting local ski patrol, SAR folks, and emergency responders with all the latest and greatest gear. I’m particularly excited about my new GPS enabled long underwear.

Weather you like it or not…the powder days of November have given way to the rains of December. El Nino? La Nina? We haven’t even reached the first day of winter! I think it’s El Sobrino: The dreaded nephew wrecking havoc on our snow pack. Either way, it is time to gear up for TNSAR’s Hug a Tree education program. Sara Carbonari has posted the times and dates for upcoming school visits during the month of January. Please check the website or call Sara for more info. This is an integral part of TNSAR’s Modus operandi and one of the best ways for YOU to get involved with the Team. Thanks in advance for your participation.

First Hand….for a quick glimpse into the world of high angle rescue by the pro’s up in Canada check out this YouTube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7_4n_4Qhu4&feature=player_embedded It is inspirational to say the least.

Speaking of Survival...hoping you and yours survive the upcoming holidays.



The goal of TNSAR is to conduct fast and safe rescues, and to help educate the public on winter safety. If you would like to help TNSAR in this cause, please use the following PayPal donate link. Thanks!

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