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February 2012

Let us not forget…yes, I will restate the obvious, there is something white that is conspicuously absent this winter. There are simply too many ‘other’ colors out there that blur our vision, confuse our wintry thought processes, and rob us of the dreams that sustain us. Simply put, as a species that thrives on a world dominated by pure, unadulterated ‘whiteness,’ we are collectively salivating for some of those frozen little crystals that fall from the sky.  In order to beckon those fickle little crystals, some of us have taken the studded snow tires off the wheels on our cars. Gasp! Others have even gone so far as to wash those studless cars, wear shorts and flipflops, and ride bikes in the middle of winter. Disgusting, I know, desperate, indeed. But let us not forget, brethren o’ mine, December 21, 2012 is right around the corner. Whether or not there is snow on the ground is about as inconsequential as what songs Madonna will be singing at the upcoming Stuporbowl halftime show. Are you, fellow worshipper of all things white that fall from the sky, prepared for the journey that awaits us this coming December? Well, if not, head over to the Granlibakken Hut this Monday, February 6th, for the next TNSAR general meeting. Instead of talking about searches, the latest GPS technology, or how exactly our new portable repeater works, we will concern ourselves with, more importantly, mere survival. The latest---soon to be released on the open market--- dehydrated beer for doomsday survivalist will be served by over qualified TNSAR beer meisters. 6:30 pm.

Get there early for seats closest to the bar.


Better to ask for forgiveness…recently in the press Northstar at Tahoe boasted the largest number of ski trails open compared to all other local ski resorts. Thanks to tremendous snowmaking efforts, Northstar did indeed (note the past tense) have the most number of skiable slopes open to the general public. Well…not to burst anyone’s bubble here…I have an announcement to make. Announcement, confession, call it what you will. In unbeknownst cooperation (which is actually not cooperative in case you didn’t notice) with the Tahoe City Public Utility District (TCPUD), I have singlehandedly debunked Northstar’s claim to skiable fame. As many of you know, I moonlight as a groomer at a very reputable cross country ski area that just so happens to reside in TCPUD’s jurisdiction and that will, for legal purposes, remain un-named. And, as many of you know, TCPUD has several large green water tanks sprinkled (no pun intended) around the very woods where the very reputable cross country ski area’s trails traverse. Epiphany! Hello there large green water tank. Large green UNTAPPED water tank. Can you see where I’m going with this? Yes, it’s true. Add freezing temperatures and compressed air to a large green UNTAPPED water tank and voile, instant winter!  

So while the trailhead may look like this…                                                                                                     the actual trails behind the trailhead look more like this!                           


Therefore, sorry Northstar, the very reputable and un-named cross country ski area that resides in the TCPUD jurisdiction actually has MORE skiable trails open than any other ski resort on the west coast. Thanks so much to TCPUD for making this possible. My forwarding address, by the way, is the Placer County Sherriff’s Substation at Burton Creek…also known, affectionately, as the Burton Creek Hotel. But most of you already knew that nickname, now didn’t you.

GSR…March 4th, as in March Forth…And Conquer. Yes, there will be a Great Ski Race this snow challenged year. And yes, it will be Great. And Yes, we will host the race NO MATTER WHAT! Bring your snow shoes, bring your running shoes, bring a damn canoe if you have to…the race will go on. Say no more.

Searches…Insert story here from some other place that has lots of snow and lots of people skiing out of bounds to enjoy that snow and then getting hopelessly lost while wishing there wasn’t so much of that snow so that they wouldn’t have gotten lost in the first place. Brrr, it’s cold out here.

Last But Certainly Not Least…Don’t forget that we will be having TWO meetings in February. This first one is…let me get my calendar…ah, yes here it is…tomorrow…Monday, February 6th. The second one is the Monday before the Great Ski Race, Monday, February 27th.

RIP...Punxsutawney Phil. Pennsylvania Turnpike, looks like a Buick Skylark to me.

Tuning up the road bike...

B. Wright

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