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December 2013

Will's Rescue Bars
     My mom stayed with Sarah and I for the Thanksgiving holiday and baked enough cookies to feed a platoon.  One of her great pleasures is baking cookies for the holidays. If you include the parties she throws, attends and all the children and grandchildren, we're talking hundreds of cookies.  Maybe close to a thousand.  On Black Friday she set up a cookie production facility in our kitchen that would have made Nabisco proud.  One batch of cookies she made were "Will's Rescue Bars".  I put the name in quotes because my mom made it up.  In fact, they're named after Lost Snowboarder Will from March 26th, 2011.
     You can read the full search report here but there is also a pretty funny part of the search that's not in the report (as is often the case).  It was blowin' and snowin' pretty well that night and even though we heard Will pretty much right out of the cat, it took awhile to get to him.  Doug C. and I arrived on scene as the victim's cotton hoody was being cut off of him.  It was almost solid ice at this point and so cutting it was no easy task.  With his clothes being attended to I wanted to get a warm drink and some sugar in him.  He was pretty gripped at this point so I also wanted to lighten things up a little if I could.  I had packed a thermos with some tea and also some sort of high octane chocolate bar my mom had made me for my birthday recently.  Shortbread, Heath bar, chocolate chips and caramel are a few of the main ingredients.  I had already had a few and they were so sweet they made my teeth hurt.  I pulled a big chunk out of the wax paper/cellophane package my mom had wrapped them in and affected a really serious attitude with Will. 
     "So Will….I have something here for you that's really special.  My mom mailed me these special dessert bars to me for my birthday and I'm thinking about giving you one. Do you think you've earned one today?"…Kidding.  I did tell him I had something special, it was sugary and at that moment I had to pull back and drop the bar as he lunged, mouth agape, at my hand.  His demeanor changed immediately.  His eyes lit up and the panicky look was replaced by a faint smile.
     A couple hours of slogging through deep snow brought us back to the top of the crest and a rendezvous with the snowcat.  Will slowly moved towards the warmth and light of the snowcat as the team prepped for the ski descent back to the lodge.  "Hey Geoff…do you have any more of those bars your mom made?"  Of course I did.  I gave him what I had left and then he disappeared into the back of the cat.  Needless to say my mom loved that some of her baked goods played an important role in one of our searches and has been money in her bank ever since.

The Kids Are Alright
     A friendly reminder to start thinking about which school you're going to volunteer at for our 2014 Winter Aware Tour in January and February.  Team members (including you) will be traveling to the local elementary schools (Tahoe Lake, Tahoe Expedition Academy, Kings Beach, Incline, Glenshire and Truckee) to present our Winter Aware program to the local kids.  Teaching our community's kids how to be safe outdoors in the wintertime is at the core of our mission and it's imperative that everyone participate. This is a really fun and easy way to contribute and if you haven't done it before, it is very easy.  As Bernie said,  "Novices welcome.  No teaching diplomas required."
     So think about which school you want to go to and stay tuned for specific dates.  There will be sign up sheets on Monday and new this year, you can also sign up through the member forum under education.  Remember that once you sign up you're committed. No cancellations for bad weather, good weather or even locust swarms.

The Great Ski Race Update
     The team received a generous grant from the North Lake Tahoe Resort Association to help us extend our reach into new markets for the race. The NLTRA will also support the race with strong in-kind marketing strategies and public relations efforts.

FIve Lakes  Search
     On November 17th at approximately 5PM the team was called out for a search in the Five Lakes area.  Two teams of hikers and one OHV team were deployed and it was not long before one of the hiking teams made verbal contact with the MP.  The team moved south through a forested area where they located the lost hiker who was cold but in otherwise good condition.  The full moon that evening provided for a nice hike back down to the trailhead.  Our found hiker jointed the team for a warm meal at The Bridgetender before returning home to Roseville.

"This Is The Last One I Swear"
     That's a direct quote from the groom at the November general meeting. Congratulations to Mr. Tony and Elizabeth Bochene who were wed at an intimate Lake Tahoe ceremony on November 1st.

December 17th (Tuesday)-- Night Time Map, Compass and GPS
Where: Paige Meadows
When: 5:30pm Team Garage
Contact: Geoff Quine (use current callout list for phone #)
Join Geoff for hands on and realistic navigation skills in Paige Meadows. 5:30-9pm.

January 5th (Sunday)-- Pacific Crest Ski Tour
Where: Coldstream Canyon/Deep Creek
When: 8:00am Team Garage
Contact: Sara Carbonari (use current callout list for phone #)
Join Sara for a solid day in a popular backcountry area that sees a lot of use. The plan is to ski in Coldstream Canyon up to the Pacific Crest and down into Deep Creek. Navigation, avalanche skills and hopefully deep powder turns will be on the menu for what is sure to be a fantastic day!

News Feed
Here is an amazing story in the New York Times about the successful resuscitation of a 2 1/2-year-old girl who was submerged in an icy creek for more than an hour.

And an inspiring story about an unusual volunteer rescue team in the Bay Area.

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