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October 2015

So here we go…again.  Dust off the stuff from summer play and crank up the Nordic Machine. Wax the skis, change the plugs on the sleds, replace the gas that was never used last year, wash the poly pro that is still stuffed in somewhere. It would be the smelly stuff.

Rumor has it there is a BIG Winter coming! Of course we have heard that before. We have also heard of Global Warming, impending asteroids and water on Mars. Wait….does Mars have our SNOW? I must say the little rain we had last week was a nice change and source of optimism.

Of course there are some signs that can’t be ignored. For one: El Niño. To quote:

1. Noun; a warm ocean current of variable intensity that develops after late December along the coast of Ecuador and Peru and sometimes causes catastrophic weather conditions.

Catastrophic sounds bad. Unless it means it is going to snow a lot. Like a whole bunch. It could mean wonders for Tahoe. Skiing, that other thing with the track, motor and skis, an end of the drought, actual rivers in the summer, less wild fires.  Little things like that. Maybe even a Great Ski Race.


The other sign which has not been collaborated is ths sighting of the infamous Albino Squirrel. Now I personally did not see said rodent and the story was told to me by a team member (who I will not identify) outside Mountain Hardware. She said (that narrows the field) that this sighting was a sign of a big winter.




I have GOOGLED the albino squirrel and although they do exist, I find no correlation between precipitation and tree rat fur. Nonetheless..we can be hopeful.

So like normal I am rambling on about nothing. No searches this summer that I am aware of.

[Editors note.  The TNSAR season is arbitrarily ordered from Oct 1 to Sept 30.  So the two searches this summer will be found in the archive under the 2014-2015 season.

http://tahoenordicsar.com/archive/search/2014.shtml ]

People are getting bettter at staying found or are thinking ahead when they venture out. Seems as though we all survived the Super Moon/Eclipse and I have yet to see one Zombie out and about. Apocolypse is on hold for now it would seem.

Nevertheless, if we do get a good winter, or a winter where there is some snow at least, most likely people will get  lost. We will get called. We will hopefully save lives. To that end, now is the time to check your packs, replace batteries in your headlamps, find your gloves and all the other accroutements that you need to get out the door when the call comes. Make a checklist. Getting out the door can be tough in the middle of the night. Something you can actually practice. Time yourself. Beat that time.

And whether you are a new member, or a seasoned old member like, say Doug, take advantage of the trainings offered by the team. Not only do they teach you new stuff, refresh your failing memory of old stuff but they also get you working together with the ever changing members of the team. As I recall, pick up games of basketball and the like never go as well as playing with people you practice with on a regular basis. Throw in the cold, the late at night, the dark, the blowing wind, the adrenaline and the fact that your life, let alone the lost party’s life maybe on the line, it might be good to know who has your back so to speak. Or your backpack.

Thanks to all the TNSAR members that helped out with the aid stations for Iron Man this year. I was out of town that weekend but for those who did volunteer, I take off my hat. (However kids,  you do lose a consdierable amount of heat if one does..although I digress. It is not Winter Awareness yet.) Seriously, thanks to those who did. Not only does it help the event itself but it keeps TNSAR in the public eye.

So come one, come all for some cool brews and some tasty treats (care of Moes BBQ) to Granlibakken lodge this Monday, October 5th at 6:30.

Now it is time to refresh the java and stack some wood. An albino squirrel tol me ther is a big winter coming. Or maybe that was Sasquatch.

Doing the best on the typewriter I never actually got,


Lastly, keep your head about you this year. HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

The goal of TNSAR is to conduct fast and safe rescues, and to help educate the public on winter safety. If you would like to help TNSAR in this cause, please use the following PayPal donate link. Thanks!

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