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November 2015

Wow. So I came across a real horror show the other day. It was bad. Really bad! I was not even sure how this person was still conscious. I appeared to be the first one on the scene. There was a lot of blood; I mean a LOT and a bone sticking out. The victim was moaning and reaching towards me.
My recollections of medical training kicked in as I wondered how to best respond. Apply direct pressure? Where were my rubber gloves? Do I tourniquet? I had just been having a beer the night before with a fellow team member who told me of a similar situation with an auto accident where the vehicle itself had supplied the pressure to prevent the victim form bleeding out. When the car was moved, she started to lose blood. How should I stabilize this situation? This person was acting erratic and I was not sure if I could control them.

As all this was going through my mind when I got bumped from behind by a zombie and turned to see a vampiress or some derivation of sorts. As they passed me laughing I reminded myself it was just Halloween and off they went reveling. Blood, bone and all. I believe I saw a lot of lost souls that night. Maybe it is only in Truckee but the number of adults in costume out wandering about almost outnumbers the children. Scary stuff. Some probably needed rescue but one can never tell. The so called adults that is.

So in all honesty, what does help in those situations? Training obviously.  And more training. There were a couple of trainings this last month that members could attend. One was the use of map and compass for basic orienteering. We have all sorts of tools for navigating the wilds and this one has been doing right by people for quite some time. When the GPS battery goes dead or is trying to acquire a signal, nothing beats a little dead reckoning.

I was unable to make that one but there is an excellent tutorial put together by Randall Osterhuber who led the training. Thank you Randall.http://www.tahoenordicsar.com/Training/MapandCompass.pdf

The other training was the one put on by Geoff and Logan (and Dirk) at the team garage. I have been on the team for almost 16 years now and had never attended one there. Living in Truckee, the truck had typically deployed by the time I was mobile and I would meet it at the command post. It was good to see inside the Bat Cave and where everything is stored and the protocol for charging radios and the like.  It was also good to try and assemble the new lightweight sled the team purchased for we soon learned there are some tricks to its assembly. Like everything we do…practice, practice, and practice. If it is problematic on dry ground in front of the garage with a big spotlight illuminating the area, imagine how it would be by headlamp in the dark with snow blowing across your face. And the disassembly….yikes. Like many things, it is a tight fit now but as it gets worn in, it should be somewhat easier. Might be a good thing to have on the deck before meetings to have members practicing as we socialize before the meetings.

So..it is dumping outside as I write this at 10:40 at night. Or the equivalent “pouring” as it is raining. Nonetheless, they are calling for snow by morning. It is really just nice to see green on the radar. Hopefully this is the trend for the winter this year.

And yes the snow did arrive. I did not finish until now and I am looking out at a winter wonderland! Check your packs and change your batteries, it looks like it might be game on!
If you are new to the team, don’t forget to apply for your OES card with the Sherriff and to sign up for Livescan at the Sheriffs’ office.

Lastly, December’s meeting is on the second Monday due to the WINTER SPORTS SYMPOSIUM on December 7th. Check it out at http://www.tfhd.com/wsis2015/.

Tonight’s meeting is well…tonight. Maybe the sled will be there to assemble and sled down the hill!

Making stuff up like I am still in College,


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