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April 2016



For all those individuals who woke up early yesterday morning in hopes of reading some TNSAR prose……HA!  April Fools!  There was no newsletter!! Oh I considered some elaborate prank. Some mock search that no one got called out on or better yet one that resulted in the saving of who knows what. However, ever since I posted the gruesome picture of the compound break as a hoax of sorts in a past newsletter, I felt it best to not jinx someone. I also sort of didn’t get it done.


Along those lines, this newsletter is more of a pictorial essay. As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words. And if those words are somewhat irrelevant anyway……





Let’s be honest. We pulled it off. Not like a pair of pants…after a long day of skiing (keep it clean readers) …but like a magic trick of sorts. The GSR was a success this year thanks to many dedicated volunteers and a little love from Mother Nature. The day before was borderline ridiculous as we scavenged the woods for what little snow we could find.



Using sleds, tarps, shovels and oh, a skidsteer, we repositioned what snow we could happen upon onto the trail. It was a white ribbon of hope through the woods. As we were packing it down we even had some optimistic pre course runners pass by. Cheering us on in our endeavors.  Although one did say “Um..what about the hill…there is no snow!”  That individual may have sensed impending wrath as they briskly skied off through the woods.



Luckily, there was just happiness all day. No tension whatsoever. Zooming in on the picture above it only APPEARS like we are plotting to kill the Dirktator.



Meanwhile, at the other end of town, hardy members of our team were sacrificing and missing shoveling to promote us in the annual Snowfest parade in Tahoe City.


Even going so far as to rescue damsels from the evil clutches of Captain Morgan!



Then back again to Truckee, Cottonwood was not looking much better at the finish line.


Our little beer trailer looked sad and lonely against a backdrop of dirt. But mayhap, Sierra Nevada may have some magic as well. For inside the Cottonwood restaurant I saw this sign. Was it a sign?



Perhaps the snow Gods took pity on us because overnight, the landscape was transformed…



We had a veritable Winter Wonderland.



One that even visited us on and off throughout the day.



As well as a visit from out our own ex team member Sue Duerksen who raced and then stayed on to celebrate!



So the GSR ran, or I should say skied, people were happy and all our hard work was appreciated by so many. So good job everybody once again!!!


Lastly, Cathy wanted to mention this as far as left over GSR merchandise.


We're offering merchandise donations from The Great Ski Race sponsors at reduced prices to TNSAR team members! There will be two opportunities to bid and buy — all next week on the TNSAR Forum, and then April 4th at the general meeting! Make a bid at 50% of retail value or higher and be ready to pay with cash, check or credit card at the meeting. (We might even take less than 50% to get things sold!)


Suunto Core Sports Watch (retail $319 on sale $160)




Salomon Trail Running Shoes (retail $120-130 on sale $60)


Boulder Nordic Grind & Hotbox Treatment (retail $105 on sale $52.50)




CM 10 Solid (retail $190 on sale $95)


Swix FC7WS Cera F block race wax (retail $110 on sale $55)


SkiGo HF High Fluor Glider 45g (retail $80 on sale $40)




Men's Large Jacket (Toko Speed) (retail $60 on sale $30)


Men's Medium Shirt (Kuhl Xplore) (retail $50 on sale $25)


Boot Back Pack (Rossignol) (retail $60 on sale $30)




Searches and Trainings


It has been a busy year as is evident from the searches listed on our webpage: 




To best be prepared for those searches, don’t forget to keep an eye on trainings as well.






Honorary Mentionables


Congratulations to our most excellent member advancement. Seems as though Mister Calvin is now on A team snowmobiling and Mister Scott has secured a spot as a A team skier. Sorry…we were in a different venue so there was no large wooden letter to embrace.


              A                                                 B                                            ABC








So it looks as though winter may be winding down. Spring is officially here although that is not to say we have not had late April storms in the past. What will be, will be but it tends to melt pretty quickly this late in the game. Don’t put away your search packs yet. Actually, don’t ever put them away as we know people will still wander off in the summer months as well.




That is it for this month. Meeting is Monday night back at Granlibakken.  I’d say we’d leave the light on for you but now with daylight savings time, it will be light when you get there. Grab a beverage and prepare to be entertained.


Glad to see the rivers flowing again,




PS- Saw this on Craigslist. Is my penance almost up?








The goal of TNSAR is to conduct fast and safe rescues, and to help educate the public on winter safety. If you would like to help TNSAR in this cause, please use the following PayPal donate link. Thanks!

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