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March 2017

So, it appears as though the newsletter is a day late and a dollar short. I always figure it is okay not to come out on the first of the month as long as it makes it before the meeting. More of a guideline then a rule. Since the meeeting this month was before the 1st, well….I am all screwed up. It is possible, that this dog, with his blinking light at last month’s meeting may have caused me to forget.

Sound familiar? Maybe not

So I will keep it short and sweet and use lots of pictures.

The Calm before the Storm

So before we visit the past, let’s tackle the future. Here I sit, and the storm is starting. GSR is tomorrow. It is like the Eve of some amazing holiday. Hard to sleep. Wondering how it will go. Dreading what you fogot.

And as always, GSR is almost like Christmas. It takes a lot of work, and a little bit of magic, to pull this thing off. Permits, meetings, letters, e-mails, more meetings. Pizza.

Here is view of the GSR organizing committee. Pay no attention to the man behind the green curtain . Maybe more wizardry than magic.

From that gathering and a group of dedicated volunteers, we have an awesome groomed course with manicured shrubberies along the way. The course I have heard is best in years. What a change from last year with tarploads of snow being dragged into place. And yes, as I recall, an overnight storm. Because here comes the snow.

Luckily the scaffolding is up, 

the beer trailer is in place,


and we are hopefully ready to go.

Oh..and we have trophies!


So racers..on your mark….

Snow Mobiles

There have been some frolicking of our powered teams in the snow this last month. The snow is cold, (and deep too!) That being said, team member Kim looks pretty relaxed as her husband punches the snowcat about on our frozen landscape. Luckily no track was thrown, nor Kim, and the rescue continued up Castle Peak. 


 Wait? Was that the same search that the Corgi Rescue League was called in on?

Meanwhile Dick “no side” Hilly found out the depths of the snow on Martis training.

There was a surprising amount of snow and a beautiful day to boot! 


We did have a little bit of an issue with the team cat but luckily Ray snowmobiled up and with a "provided" wire was able to MacGiver the cat back together. That is Ray UNDER the cat.


 Meanwhile Jimmy, has got management written all over him.

It is no secret that Ray is handy with these machines. What is a bit of a secret is what is hiding in Matt Jacobs garage. Something you want to tell us Matt?

Lastly, what kind of snow machine is this? Seriously. This was warming up outside the Granlibakken hut. What kind of “local” would drive a fancy car like this in a snowstorm. I ‘ll have to ask Chris if he knows . After all, I think he was the last person left there.


The A Teamers,

Here are the latest A-team winners.





Be sure to give them the appropriate accolades. They will be the ones in the cool, new jackets!

The Winners

And before you go and congratulate Jeff (or Heather) for winning, please understand it was their dog that won at the Truckee Tahoe Humane Society Fundraiser. However look what proud parents they are.


And You

Hopefully we will see you all tomorrow. 

To all a good night,


 PS- Seems there is a new part to the newsletter. It is the letters to the editor section.  Please read the following from our own Gerald Rockwell.

 Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:


Change is afoot and Tahoe Cross Country (TXC) will not be left behind. Competing nordic centers like Tahoe Donner Cross Country Ski Area and Auburn Ski Club have fantastic lodges. It’s time TXC steps up!


An historical building was recently donated to TXC’s nonprofit organization, Tahoe Cross Country Ski Education Association (TCCSEA) that runs youth and adult community programs all year long. This historically significant building was originally located in Rubicon Bay and has been dismantled, catalogued and stored until it can be rebuilt somewhere in the Highlands neighborhood. Different sites have been selected based on access to TCPUD land. Two more workshops will be held March 11, and 12 from 3 to 7 PM at the Fairway Community Center in Tahoe City.  These workshops are for community members to view and discuss these 5 possible site locations.


We really need the support of TNSAR team members.  If you cannot come to one of the workshops, please go to TheSchillingLodge.com and fill out the questionnaire.  All the information about the project is on the web site.



Gerald Rockwell



The goal of TNSAR is to conduct fast and safe rescues, and to help educate the public on winter safety. If you would like to help TNSAR in this cause, please use the following PayPal donate link. Thanks!

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