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May 2017


Well. It happened again. Another whole year has flown by.

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Last meeting of the year tomorrow. The good one. The one with beer AND food! Hope to see everyone there. We get to vote in our new officers for next year. A real vote. No mail ins. No hanging chads. No Russian influence. No…well..you get my point. Come on down to Granlibakken to say good bye to winter, to President McConnell and say hello to summer.

To top it off, it is actually is May Day. Maybe we could do a pole dance? Why is it.... when I say that …it sounds somehow inappropriate and wrong. I am old school people. I, of course, meant this:



It is always sad to have searches that don’t end up with the missing person back safely with loved ones. And our team safely back at home. Even more frustrating is a search without a conclusive end. Where there is no closure as of yet. As many know, a small aircraft left the Truckee airport in a storm on Monday the 17th headed back to the bay area. Radar tracked it as it flew North. It then turned once, twice and appeared to almost be heading back when it was seen to drop (at what appears to be a controlled rate) and then simply disappeared. Out goes the call. And quite the call it was. Although it was initially Sierra County, by the time it was on, there were teams from Nevada county, Placer county, Marin, Shasta, etc.

Broken tree limbs initially seemed to hint at a possible plane crash. However, those were everywhere. As was the snow. It snowed the night that the plane left Truckee. It was snowing part of Thursday when I was out searching. So much area to search. In this day of electronics and sattelites and technology it seems hard to lose a plane. I thought that of the Malaysia airliner that went missing. I thought that here again.

Helicopters from multiple agencies and members of Civil Air Patrol flew the skies looking for any sign of wreckage. Snowmobilers, skiers, snowshoers and assorted other snow vehicles canvassed the ground. Nothing.



Sometimes when I see photos of a search and people smiling, I feel badly. What if their family saw these? What if they saw us occasionally laughing? Truth is, we are dealing with serious circumstances and we are out there doing our best to ensure the safety of all who enjoy the Sierras. Do we sometimes find a chance to laugh at ourselves? Yes. It is called letting off steam. Are we laughing at the loss of lives or the pain associated with it that the loved ones must endure. Absolutely not. I don’t think the sort of people who would find humor in that sort of situation put the time in to train, put their lives on hold to search and risk their own welfare to hopefully bring back those lost to safety.

As always, our hearts go out to the families who have suffered a loss. Thanks to all the individuals from all over who put the time and effort in to trying to find the plane.


What a year? A lot of snow! I think I covered that last month. Now it is melting and the subsequent damage is surfacing. Seems some things don’t like a ton of weight on top of them. One can only shovel so much. Plus now that it is melting, it has to go somewhere. In case you have not seen the Truckee River, or heard it, it is jamming. Bike path is under water in places and there is barely a gap beneath some of the bridges. That should be an unpleasant surprise to the kayakers that I am already seeing taking to the waters.



So here is to a safe and fun summer. Watch the water. As a friend once said to me…play on the water but not with the water. Point being is water is extremely powerful and tough to breath. You will also find that it is awfully cold this year. I truly hope that everyone is super safe and aware of the power of the swift current we are seeing this spring. Unfortunately, water searches rarely end well. Keep your eyes open and don't hesitate to caution someone you perceive being foolish. The worst thing isn't them telling you to mind your own buysiness. By far.



So while I was looking for some pictures of the Truckee River that I have personally MEANT to take, I went to the Sierra Sun. I happened to come across this article. 300 kids in 1 day!!! Brilliant. Instead of doing all these schools one by one, let’s grab them all and do it in one day. One and done. Full team turnout with Snow cat and snowmobile rides as well. Real snow caves. Drop a chopper in the mix. Get these kids really excited.


Just a thought Bernie. Maybe I am just sad about losing Glenshire years ago and not getting Truckee to commit this year. It just seems we could up our collective game. We don't want to be outdone by South Lake!



I am not going to get all sappy or emotional. Nor am I going to do my typical candy coat with humor. Truth is Chris, you have done a hell of a job as President of our team and you should be as proud of what you have accomplished as we all are. 

I went to find your professional picture on LinkedIn. I am surprised how common your name is but I am not surprised you are at the top!  (Yeah..I know how it works. Let him revel in his glory people)

However, your picture is blurry and lacks your charisma that we have become so accustomed to. In lieu of your professional picture, I resort back to this photo that shows how closely you have been willing to work with our team.

(So...I guess...a little of my humor.)

Thanks Chris. You done good!



Doing the best with what I was given.  Oh wait…… I never was. Is the "typewriter" just a symbolic representation of what a newsletter is supposed to be written on? How the hell do I pass that on?

Looking forward to giving my typing finger a break for another season,




Rumor has it this is Mister Jacobs Garage.


(what exactly are those between the snowblower and the skis??)

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