TNSAR Search 02/12/2008

Lost 12 yr old boy in Paige Meadows

A 12 year old boy was reported missing from home in the Talmont neighborhood at 5:00pm. He had left with his younger brother to chase Roxy, their dog; later the younger brother turned back to go get help. The lost boy was sighted by a neighbor at around 5:30 heading with Roxy into Paige Meadows.

TNSAR members met at the Incident Command, which was set up at the Talmont house where the family was staying. After being briefed the Nordic teams went into the Meadows, looking for tracks. Paige Meadows were searched by several teams of skiers, snowmobiles, and a snowcat, coming up the Granlibakken trail from Rawhide.

One team went off West, skirting the Southern boundary of the forest bordering Paige Meadows, down to Ward Canyon Road, and then returned North East back into Paige Meadows.

A second team left from Silvertip, and headed directly North of the Meadows to the Tahoe Rim Trail, then began a North Easterly descent down the drainage towards Granlibakken Resort.

A third team also left from the top of Silvertip, heading clockwise (North-North East) around the Talmont subdivision with the intent of heading down the Granlibakken drainage.

At 10:55 the subject was located between the winter snowcat road from Granliabkken and the bottom of the drainage, on a 35 degree slope.

The subject was quite cold; he was carried on the backs of 3 different searchers 75 meters up the slope to the waiting Snowcat. He was then taken to awaiting medical care at the nearest road crossing, ultimately reunited with his family.

All teams were out by 12:35am.

Here are the GPS routes for the teams in the field, and the route that was taken by the lost boy.

Sheriff Dispatch Comm Van Truck Skiers Snow Cats Snowmobiles Other
Dan Ingalls Terri Viehmann

John Pang Russ Viehmann Dirk Schoonmaker
Randall Osterhuber
Ron Driller
Mark Johnson
Jim Reinstra
Mike LeFrancios
Jeff DeVries
Jimmy Smith
Steve Twomey
Scoop Remenih Shannon Owens
Ray O'Brien
Scott Baumgardner
Brian DeVore
Kevin Plumb

Drivers of Neighborhoods:
Bob Wright
David Wright