TNSAR Search 03/12/2008

Lost Snowboarder at Alpine Meadows

At approximately 11:30 in the morning, Sean Hackett and his brother Brian had decided go boarding in the out-of bounds area off the Summit chair believing that they could go around the mountain back to the Sherwood chair after misreading the area trail map. After departing the Summit chair, they followed the PCT out toward Grouse Rock and dropped off west into the Grouse Creek drainage.

Shortly after dropping in, Brian lost sight of Sean and was unsure where he was going. At that point, Brian stopped and decided to hike back up the hill and back into Alpine. At 3:30 PM, he reported Brian missing to ski patrol and described where they had gone.
The Tahoe Nordic Search and Rescue Team was paged at 4:00 PM for skiers to meet at the patrol room at Alpine Meadows as soon as possible. The snowcat deployed from Blackwood Canyon with the intention of being ready to assist the ski teams from either Powderhorn or Laddie's Cove.

At 5:30 PM, four skiers rode the Summit Chair to the top and met Brian from Alpine Patrol who described where the brothers had gone and where they had spotted the down tracks. At approximately 6:00 PM, Nordic 1 and 2 had dropped off the backside under a bright sunny sky skiing in some fine corn snow. Falcon 30 had arrived on scene shortly after the skiers began their descent and headed southwest down the drainage. Four additional skiers were riding the Summit chair to join in the fray.

At approximately 6:15 PM, Falcon 30 had followed the direction the skiers were heading and shortly thereafter reported that they had located Sean near Willow Creek. Sean was picked up and transported back to Alpine.

The second group of four skiers had made it to the top of the Summit Chair and were preparing to deploy. Instead, they made their way back to the Patrol Shack at the top of the Summit to wait for Nordic 1 and 2 to climb back up into the resort. At 7:30 PM, Nordic 1 and 2 joined the other skiers at the Summit chair and the eight skied as a group back to the base of Alpine. By 8:30 PM all of the ski teams, as well as the snowcat, were out of the field and back at the team garage for pizza and a quick debrief.

Sheriff Dispatch Comm Van Truck Skiers Snow Cats Snowmobiles Other
Dave Hunt Steve Twomey Gerald Rockwell Steve Reynaud
Bob Wright
Paul Cushing
Jimmy Smith
Randall Osterhuber
Jeff DeVries
Ron Driller
Doug Carbonari
Scoop Remenih
Russ Viehmann
Placer County Falcon 30
Brian-Alpine Patrol