TNSAR Search 08/05/2008

Tired hiker Picayune Valley/Tevis Cup Trail

(From Dirk) About 7 pm a day hiker called 911 on his cell phone and let dispatch know that he was in the Picayune Valley and he was exhausted and didn't know if he could get out. The team met with PCSO at the garage at 9 pm and learned that the guy had just recovered enough strength to bushwack up to the Tevis Cup Trail and was headed toward Squaw Valley, using his Cell phone as a flashlight. It was decided to drive to the top of Emigrant Chair and be prepared to help if he ran into trouble. With Squaw Security leading the way, the team truck and PCSO drove to just above High Camp, where they met the lost hiker, tired and embarrassed but in good shape.

(From Steve Twomey) The Tahoe Nordic Search and Rescue Team responded to a search in August for a single hiker missing in the Granite Chief Wilderness.  The hiker called in to the Placer County Sherrif (PCSO) from his cell phone about 8:00 pm. He said he was on the Picayune Valley trail, was exhausted and needed help. The Nordic Team was called out with six members responding. We expected to hike in the Five Lakes Trail with overnight gear in anticipation of locating the subject, spending the night, and hiking him out in the morning.  We met at the Team Garage for briefing by PCSO.  They had been in further contact by phone, and he said he had crossed back over a ridge North to the Tevis Cup Trail (Western States for you runners). This put him nearer the Emigrant Pass trailhead at the top of Squaw Valley.  PCSO then made arrangements with Squaw Valley Ski Corp security to access their mountain and start from Emigrant Pass.  The subject continued to contact PCSO by phone. He was confident of his location and direction back to Squaw so he was continuing to make his way back in the darkenss by the light of his cell phone's screen.  By the time we had driven up above High Camp he reported that he was at Emigrant Pass and could see our headlights.  Squaw Valley Security then continued up the access road and picked him up.  By midnight we were all back in Squaw's parking lot. The subject was very appreciative of everyones willingness to help.

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