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TNSAR Search 2/20/2013

Squaw Valley Snowboarder in Pole Creek

Submitted by Chris McConnell

The pagers went off at about 5:15pm where we were asked to respond to a missing snowboarder possibly in Pole Creek. Sometime before this at approximately 2pm Squaw Valley Ski Patrol was notified of a lost snowboarder. Pete York and Jeb Mirczak went in pursuit and quickly found the missing snowboarders tracks near the base of Silverado chair. Pete continued to follow the boot track until it was no longer visible and wind blown on the ridge near Silver Peak. Pete directed the team to the Pole Creek drainage below Flat top rock. As coincidence would have it, Doug Read and Paul Cushing and Wheeler had spent the day skiing the Pole Creek area and we spending the night at the Bradley Hut. They quickly headed out to find the missing snowboarder.

Meanwhile the team of skiers, snowcats and snowmobiles were deploying from Pole Creek trailhead. The team made their way to the Bradley hut where the skiers cut a track to rendezvous with Wheeler, Paul and Doug. Shortly after Paul and Doug called in informing the team they had located the missing snowboarder. He was reported a bit banged up with injured ribs, back and possible concussion. The balance of the TNSAR skiers intercepted the track and met up with the Wheeler, Paul, Doug and the missing snowboarder.

While the skiers were making their way through the Pole Creek drainage the snowmobiles had positioned themselves to assist the teams exit approximately 1 mile off Pole Creek Road. The teams met about an hour later at about 9pm. The snowmobilers transported the missing snowboarder to the waiting snowcat where he and most to the team were taken the last leg to the trailhead.

Paul, Doug and Wheeler were transported by snowmobile back up to the Bradley Hut to resume their overnight stay.

Everyone was out of the field by about 10:30pm

John Lasagna
Ken White

Diane Pang
Terry Viehmann
Chris McConnell
Bernie Mellor
Paul Cushing
Jeff Devries
Bernie Mellor
Doug Read
Jimmy Smith
Jeb Mirczak
Pete York
Dave Gleske

Todd Bassett
Chris McConnell
Scott Baumgardner


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