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TNSAR Search 12/13/2014

65 Year Old Runner off Lynnwood Drive

Submitted by Dirk Schoonmaker

A 65 Year old gentleman left to go running at 9 am from his house on Lynnwood Drive in Old County, with unknown destination. His wife reported him overdue at 4 pm.

TNSAR was dispatched at 5:30 pm. 19 searchers showed up- hikers, ATVs and motorcycles. All fanned out from top of Lynnwood, essentially searching uphill to the Fiberboard Freeway, and about 9 pm he was located at point 001 on the attached map. Air temperature was about 25 F. He was very cold and disoriented but fortunately able to consume water and food. Rewarming was started immediately with thermal blankets and dry clothes and about an hour later he was able to ride on the back of an ATV to the Command Post. He was transported to TFH and reported doing fine.

We never really got a report of why or how he got lost because he was not coherent enough to talk to us. He was dressed in cotton and his shoes were so frozen that we could not remove his sock from his shoe after we put fresh socks on him. There is an unconfirmed report from the hospital that he did not have any frostbite.

Lynnwood search

Map of the OHV team's routes.

Lynnwood search

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