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TNSAR Search 3/31/2016

Skier and son in Ward Canyon

Submitted by Dirk Schoonmaker

A man and his 14 year old son somehow ended up south of the Alpine Meadows Ski Area boundary, near Ward Creek. It is unclear whether they took the High Traverse or passed the bottom of Sherwood Chair. TNSAR was dispatched at 5 pm and responded to Sherwood Chair. Coordinates had been received from the MP's phone (041 on map) and Joe Pace and I headed that way, as CHP H20 circled overhead, searching. Just about the time we reached the given coordinates, CHP reported that they had located the skiers, about a half mile up stream from our location. H20 was having trouble finding an LZ but just about the time we got to the skiers, they found a spot nearby. They weren't comfortable with it and asked us if we would be able to ski the folks out, rather than make two sketchy landings since they would only be able to take one at a time. We checked with the skiers and both agreed that they could ski out. We headed downhill and rendezvoused with snowmobilers Calvin Mitchell, Tony Sabatto and John Lasagna on the Ward Creek trail a short time later.

Paul Cushing, Paul Kitano and Andrew Osterricher were standing by in case more help was needed. Matt Jacobs coordinated and Marty Schoonmaker and Laura Read dispatched.

John Lasagna
Marty Schoonmaker
Laura Read
Matt Jacobs/coordinatorPaul Cushing
Joe Pace
Dirk Schoonmaker
Paul Kitano
Andrew Osterricher
Calvin Mitchell
Tony Sabatella
John Lasagna

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