TNSAR Search 2/4/02
TNSAR Search 2/4/02

Skier at Alpine Meadows
At about 1430 TNSAR was dispatched to a missing 50 year old skier at Alpine Meadows. His friends had watched him ski off the backside High Traverse and down into Grouse Creek. Patrol had watched him with a spotting scope until he disappeared from view. Eagle 1 was in the air as the team headed up Summit Chair but did not appear to be searching the right areas. The IC had them land in the Subway parking lot to pick up a ski patroller. 7 skiers started following the track, which was easily visible from Ward Peak, and had no trouble following it.

The lost skier followed the ski tracks that were still visible from last Tuesday’s search. Eagle 1 spotted the skier just past the LZ used on Tuesday night, near 5 Lakes Creek. The skiers got to him just after the helicopter and assisted the ski patroller in getting him to the LZ. He was tired but otherwise well. The other skiers were pulled out by CHP H20. All teams were out by 1745, in time to get to the general meeting after a fine meal at The Bridge Tender.

Comm-Van Sheriff Truck/Command Post Skiers
Cathy & John Chilcote
Bill Healy
Dave Hunt
Fred Carey
Randy Sharp Glenn Paulsen
Doug Read
Jeff Rieger
Steve Twomey
Ron Driller
Jim Granger
Dirk Schoonmaker