TNSAR search 2/23/02
TNSAR search 2/23/02

Twin Peaks/Grouse Rock
TNSAR was dispatched at about 2030 to an overdue backcountry skier, who had left the bottom of Sherwood chair to hike to Twin Peaks. The skier was 22 and was accompanied by his year-old Malemute.

Teams met at the Sherwood parking lot and 8 skiers made a plan to search the bowls below Twin Peaks and head for the ridge at Grouse Rock. One team of 2 went to Stanford Rock, one stayed low and headed for the bottom of Twin Peaks and a team of 4 headed up to Grouse Rock. 3 snowmobilers did a quick check in Blackwood Canyon then sledded up the road into Ward Canyon and searched there.

Tracks were first found on the south side of Grouse Ridge, but were lost in hard snow. Tracks were next found on the ridge between Grouse Rock and Bear Pen. These tracks went down into both Grouse Creek and into The Bear Pen but there appeared to be tracks coming up out of The Bear Pen so the tracks into Grouse Creek were followed first. A second team came to the ridge to drop into the Bear Pen. The team in Grouse Creek followed the tracks down almost to the flats of Five Lakes Creek, then all the way back up, almost to the ridge, where they headed back down hill. Meanwhile the team in the Bear Pen was doing the same, following the tracks down , then back up and down again. At 0400, this team met up with the skier, who was hiking back up the Bear Pen. He was very tired, but in good shape. The team decided to ski down to Diamond Crossing and wait for first light and a helicopter pickup. The team in Grouse Creek hiked to the ridge and skied out to the CP. The other two teams had returned to the CP and were in reserve.

H20 flew in at first light and picked up two searchers and the victim and his dog. All teams were out of the field at 0700.

Sheriff Com Van Dispatch Truck/Command Post Skiers Snowmobilers Snowcat
Fred Carey Bill Healey
Kathy Chilcote
John Chilcote
Terri Viehmann
Laura Read
Diane Rienstra
Marty Schoonmaker
Lisa Swartz
Jackie Thomas
Jim Coffey
Jim White
Bert Greunwald
Jeff Reiger
Joe Pace
John Pang
Glenn Paulsen
Peter York
Brian York
Dirk Schoonmaker
Russ Viehmann
Mike Kennett
Brian Devore
Bill Koplin
John Lasagna
Dave Gleske