TNSAR search 1/27/02
TNSAR search 1/27/02

2 snowboarders at Sugarbowl
At approximately 1800 TNSAR was dispatched to a search at Sugarbowl for 2 19 year old snowboarders from Redding who had contacted passing motorists on I-80 using a walkie talkie of some sort. Sugarbowl patrol was in contact with them on the radio and also had a visual from Rohlert Pass of a mag light the victims were able to flash. Patrol thought they were on the west end of Schallenberger Ridge and thought they had found their tracks leaving the ski area at Rohlert Pass.
TNSAR involvement
Two patrollers had left from the pass and were working their way toward Schallenberger Ridge when we got to the ski area. 3 TNSAR snowmobilers and a Thiokol started working their way up Coldstream Canyon from Donner State Park. 9 skiers got rides to Rohlert Pass on snowmobiles and grooming machines, met with Ski Patrol, and started searching, 2 towards Schallenberger Ridge and 7 down the tracks ski patrol pointed out. Once the tracks got to the flats they turned to boot tracks, post holing and it was pretty clear they were people who didn’t know where they were going, though they did a strange thing for snowboarders--they went uphill quite a bit. Later it was decided that they must have been trying to get up high to try to make radio contact.

At about 2000, after a final climb of about 300’, contact was made with Justin and Javier who were doing fine, just hungry and a little cold. They were on a ridge above Coldstream Creek (well south of the usual spots people end up when leaving Rohlert Pass.) They were given food, water, clothing and snowshoes and the descent down Coldstream Canyon started, with the plan being to meet the snowmobilers and Thiokol and get hauled out. The evacuation went smoothly, including meeting up with the 2 Sugarbowl Patrollers and all were out by about 2230. A private grooming machine owned by a man living up Coldstream Canyon assisted in the evacuation.

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