Single snowboarder lost at Alpine Meadows
TNSAR search 1/10/03

Single snowboarder lost at Alpine Meadows

Called out for lost snowboarder at Alpine Meadows. 11 skiers arrived at Ski Patrol, (and found out there might be 2 lost snowboarders), 3 snowmobilers went to Paige Meadows. As teams were about to deploy, 2 lost snowboarders were found on Courchevel Rd. by sheriff's deputy, they had probably gone past boundary signs south of SP Bowl and gotten into Ward Creek.

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Dave Hunt
Larry Clark
Steve Harris
Marty Schoonmaker
Kelli Twomey
Ray O'Brien
Amy Horne
Randy Sharp
Jim White
Brian Devore
Brian York
Fred Carey
Paul Honeywell
Mark Johnson
Bernie Mellor
Russ Viehmann
Steve Twomey
Randall Osterhuber
Doug Read
Peter Sporleder
Mike Kennett
Dirk Schoonmaker