Four Snowmobiliers Rescued From Martis Peak Area
TNSAR Search 3/16/03

Four Snowmobiliers Rescued From Martis Peak Area

On Sunday, March 16, 2003, at 2109 hours the Placer County Sheriffs office received a call from Northstar Security stating they have an individual reporting four subjects were snowmobiling from Brockway Summit to the Martis Lookout and have not returned. PCSO Deputy Fred Carey responded to the Martis Lookout road and met the reporting party who stated that the snowmobilers had called her from their cell phone stating that their snowmobiles were stuck near the radio towers and they needed assistance. They stated that they would be walking back to the Martis lookout but could not walk to the highway because they were cold and tired.

Fred requested dispatch contact the Tahoe Nordic Search and Rescue team and see if any snowmobilers were available.

At 2127 hours Ray O’Brien received the call and contacted four other team snowmobilers who responded to the Martis lookout. At 2230 hours the team snowmobile’s arrived at the Martis lookout. After giving the victims dry gloves, water and power bars they loaded them up and returned them to their motor home which was parked at the turnout on highway 267. The team snowmobilers returned the next day and assisted in getting the subjects' snowmobiles unstuck and back to the trailhead.

Sheriff TNSAR snowmobiles
Fred Carey Ray O’Brien
Bryan Devore
Alan Whisler
Bill Koplin
Scott Baumgardner