Single snowboarder at Alpine Meadows
TNSAR search 12/20/02
(Another synopsis)

Single snowboarder at Alpine Meadows
This search was for Richard Navarro, 33, who was on his 4th visit to Alpine Meadows. At approximately 11:00 am, Mr. Navarro and his companion began riding from the top of Summit chair toward Three Sisters. Visibility was described as nearly white-out. When arriving at Three Sisters, Mr. Navarro was no longer in sight.

Possible scenarios described prior to search was that Mr. Navarro went off the back-side of Wolverine and the search was coordinated around this.

The search weather conditions at the Summit were:
2 snowfall per hour
Sustained winds above 40 mph with gusts to 68

TNSAR involvement
TNSAR broke up into 4 teams:
  • Team 1: North - 5 Lake Creek
  • Team 2: Center - Big Spring
  • Team 3: Grouse Canyon/Creek
  • Team 4: Stand-by at the ski patrol shack at Ward Peak

  • 8:12PM Teams 1-3 taken to the Summit.
    9:18PM Team 2 reaches Big Springs Valley floor and begins following foot tracks north.
    10:17PM Team 1 and 2 converge and are following tracks up 5 Lakes summer trail.
    11:25PM Subject located near confluence of Whiskey and Five Lakes Creeks. Cold but OK. Decision is made to hike with victim to K2 saddle and arrangements are made for Squaw snow-cat.
    11:50AM Teams 1-3 begin hiking with victim to K2 saddle for pick-up.
    2:50AM Teams make auditory contact with Squaw groomers.
    3:30AM Teams arrive at the Squaw Valley parking lot and are driven to Alpine Meadows.

    Sheriff Comm Van Dispatch TNSAR Liason TNSAR team 1 TNSAR team 2 TNSAR team 3 TNSAR team 4

    Larry Dirk Schoonmaker
    Marilyn Stack
    Kelli Twomey
    Karen Honeywell
    Alex Penney
    Jonathan Laine
    Joe Pace
    Paul Honeywell
    Jeff Rieger
    Steve Twomey
    Bill Wise
    Tony Bochene
    Mike Kennett
    Mark Johnson