TNSAR search 12/28/02 at Sugar Bowl
TNSAR search 12/28/02

Single snowboarder lost at Sugar Bowl

Here are the notes and timestamps from the search:

20:00 Call out at Sugar Bowl for a lost snowboarder. Bret Kasin age 28, 511, 185 lbs, brown hair, green eyes, last seen @ 3:15 in the afternoon.
21:00 Snowcat is coming up Coldstream canyon.
21:09 Team 1 & Team 2 are taken to Roller Pass where tracks were found by Sugar Bowl Ski Patrol.
21:24 Snowcat 1 found victim at the horseshoe bend of the Railroad tracks and is transporting him back to entrance where the Sheriff is going to bring him back to Sugar Bowl Ski Patrol shack.
21:38 Team 1 & Team 2 are back in.

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Randy Sharp
Bill Wise
Bernie Mellor
Russ Viehmann
Bob Wright
Paul Cushing
Ron Driller
Peter York
Brian York
Steve Twomey
Scoop Remenih