TNSAR Search 05/02/2004

Lost snowboarder in Blackwood Canyon

TNSAR was called out about 4:30pm for a lost snowboarder, who had been riding with friends. They had snowmobiles to bring them up to the Barker Pass area, where they would then ride down.

It appears that the lost snowboarder veered North, heading towards the North Fork of Blackwood Creek, east of the ridge. TNSAR was ready to send out 2 skiers for a hasty search, with daylight ending.

Just as the TNSAR skiers were getting towed up Blackwood Canyon, the lost snowboarder was being brought down by a friend on a snowmobile. He had eventually walked his way out of the drainage, and while being cold and shaken was OK.

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Dirk Schoonmaker
Russ Viehmann
Mark Johnson
Bob Wright
Peter Sporleder
Paul Honeywell
Steve Twomey
Ray O'Brien