TNSAR Search 12/14/2003

4x4(s) near Miller Lake, Rubicon Trail

On 13 December 6 people four wheeled over hard packed snow 4 miles on the Rubicon Trail to Miller Lake, intending to stay only for the day (they lacked any overnight provisions); at some point that day they became stuck in the softening snow, and ended up sleeping in their trucks overnight. That night about 18 inches of snow fell (Miller Lake is at about 7100 feet elevation). The morning of the 14th 2 of the 6 stranded people hiked through the fresh snow until they could get cell coverage, and called their father in Carson City for help. Dad in turn phoned 911 and TNSAR was called out. With Ray O'Brien driving the TNSAR Snow Cat, Scoop Remenih driving his own Snow Cat, and Fred Carey on his snowmobile, the trio headed up to Miller Lake. Fred arrived first and reported that he was with 6 people and 2 trucks, just before Miller Lake, and that everyone was okay with the exception of being cold and hungry. The Snow Cats soon arrived and the 6 were loaded into the warm Cats and given food and water. They headed out without incident.

The stuck trucks were left at the sight, their future to be determined.

Enjoy the pictures of the TNSAR Snow Cat Team at work on this search.

This was the second winter search for TNSAR in the 2003-2004 season.

Sheriff Dispatch Comm Van Truck Skiers Snow Cats


Fred Carey      

Ray O'Brien
Scoop Remenih

Fred Carey