TNSAR Search 01/01/2005

2 lost skiers around Murphy Meadows

The team was called out early on Jan 1st for a search to begin at 8:00am that morning for 2 lost skiers who were late by one day from a multi-day trip to the Hut in the vicinity of Rifle Peak/Mt Baldy.

With 13 skiers, the team headed out with the intent of making Murphy Meadows, before breaking up and continuing further. However, there was some confusion in taking the most expeditious route to Murphy's, and to the team broke up into 2, with one team proceeding up and over a 8104 unnamed peak, while the second team cut a trail around this peak, looking for tracks.

Friends of the missing skiers had subsequently arrived and set out on their own to help look for the skiers. Knowing which route the skiers typically take, the reporting party quickly came upon the missing party, who was slowly making their way back to their car. Both Nordic teams met up with the group, and they all collectively broke trail back to the street.

Sheriff Dispatch Comm Van Truck Skiers Snow Cats Snowmobiles
Fred Carey Jim Ron Driller
Mark Johnson
Mike Le Francois
Randall Osterhuber
Joe Pace
Doug Read
Jim Reinstra
Dirk Schoonmaker
Steve Twomey
Russ Viehmann
Derek Wilson
Bill Wise
Bob Wright
Scoop Remenih