TNSAR Search 09/04/2005

04-09-05 Castle Peak

TNSAR received a call about a possible party of 14 missing in the Castle Peak area. RP reported tracks heading down into Little Castle Valley when the partys intention was to go to the Peter Grubb Hut. TNSAR Skiers left IC at 3:45 am for Castle Pass to look for tracks and check the Hut; snowcats and snowmobiles left shortly after. At 4:30am TNSAR found prominent tracks heading toward the Hut and proceeded in that direction. At 4:56am TNSAR found 14 folks in the Hut, sleeping. They had headed into Litte Castle Valley and then realized their mistake. After several more hours of hiking they made it back to the Hut.

Sheriff Dispatch Comm Van Truck Skiers Snow Cats Snowmobiles
Nevada county Walt
Bert Grunwald
Russ Viehmann
Mike Lefrancios
Kim Reinstra
Bill Wise
steve Twomey
Paul Honeywell
Dirk Schoonmaker
Joe Pace
Bernie Mellor
Sue Duerksen
Ron Driller
Gerald Rockwell
Doug Read
Mike Kennett
Scoop Remenih
Dave Gleske
John Pang
Scott Baumgardner
Steve Hoyt
Bill Coplin