TNSAR Search 09/04/2005

Injured skier behind Sugar Bowl

The TNSAR team was paged out to assist Sugar Bowl patrol with a skier who had skied off the back side of Disney into the Onion Creek drainage. As things were developing with the callout, two patrollers made contact with subject, but did not think they would be able to hike back up into the resort. The request then became to provide transportation (if needed) from Onion Creek back up to Ice Lakes Lodge.

The skiers were canceled at this point as Sugar Bowl had plenty of patrollers that could drop in from Disney if the need arose to provide medical, etc.

The snowcat, snowmobiles, and team truck continued to the staging area (Ice Lakes Lodge) as a precaution. While enroute, we received a call that the patrollers would not be able to make it back into the resort and would be heading down to Onion Creek Bridge.

The snowcat arrived at staging and deployed immediately with the snowmobiles deploying a few minutes later. With Scoop at the helm, the Team’s snowcat gingerly navigated the steep side-hills and wind drifts down into Onion Creek drainage. As the snowcat made it to the bridge at Onion Creek, the patrollers and subject skied onto the road directly in front of the cat. Talk about great timing. With no medical need, the three were loaded up in the cat, given a pre trip briefing, served there complimentary peanuts and beverages and the snowcat was on its way back out.

Below is a timeline of events.

5:04pm PCSO paged out for a search coordinator
5:05 Brian York makes contact with PCSO
5:10 Consult with Russ V.
5:15 Team callout for Skiers, Snowmobiles, Snowcats
5:30 Skiers cancelled, continue snowmobiles and snowcat
5:50 Team snowcat deployed from TNSAR garage
6:05 Patrollers not able to make it to resort, will be skiing downhill
6:30 Snowcat at Ice Lakes Lodge
6:35 Snowcat deployed
7:05 Snowcat make contact with patrollers and subject
7:13 Snowcat heading back out to Ice Lakes Lodge
7:45 Snowcat arrives at Ice Lakes Lodge
7:50 Units told to stage, second search at Sugar Bowl being investigated
8:30 Second missing person located – TNSAR resources clear of Sugar Bowl
9:45 Everyone back at the team garage

Sheriff Dispatch Comm Van Truck Skiers Snow Cats Snowmobiles
Terri Viehmann
Russ Viehmann
Bill Healey Mike Le Francois
Alex Penney
Scoop Remenih Scott Baumgardner
Bill Koplin
Brian York