TNSAR Search 10/11/2004

Lost Skiers in/around Sherwood, Grouse Rock at Alpine

TNSAR was called out for 2 missing skiers in the Grouse Rock area. Peter York loaded his equipment into his truck and headed up Ward Canyon to the staging area. With the TNSAR Truck only minutes behind, Peter spotted a dog in the road and then two skiers that appeared to be lost in the vicinity of the search area, ie, the drainage below the search area. Peter stopped to query the two. Putting two and two together, and asking the obvious question, “have you been skiing Grouse Rock?” Peter came to the conclusion that these were the two. They loaded into the truck (dog and all) and proceeded up the canyon to the staging area, to get their car and let the Sheriffs know that it was over. After the two realized that they had broke trail 2.3 miles down the canyon past their car, they came to realize that this is why they were so tired. Reuniting with worried friends at Sherwood, the two were grateful for TNSARs response and went on their merry way.

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Terri Viehmann Peter York
Doug Read
Russ Viehmann
Mark Johnson
Paul Honeywell
Dirk Schoonmaker