TNSAR Search 21/01/2005

Lost hiker in Paige Meadows

Brian York received a call from Ray O'Brien about 5 minutes prior to a call out being initiated. Brian called dispatch and they gave him the subjects cell phone number. Brian called the subject, and he stated that he had left from the top of Silvertip for a snowshoe and they discussed his route. It sounded like he was at the intersection that takes you either down to ward canyon or into the aspen area of Paige Meadows. Brian told him to stay put and that someone would be in to get him in under an hour.

Brian took his snowmobile to the top of Silvertip where he met with Dirk who was dressed and ready to go. Brian told Dirk that he had talked with the subj on the phone and filled Dirk in on the info. They decided that Brian would do a quick hasty search into the intersection where it sounded like he was.

When Brian arrived at the location, the subject was not there. Brian called Dirk on the radio and advised him. They agreed that Brian would continue searching around the perimeter of the outer Meadows and back to Silvertip.

Stopping once in a while to yell for the subj, Brian finally could hear him calling back. After a few more movements and yells, Brian was able to close in on him. He finally found his snowshoe tracks and followed them. Brian came upon a section that was impassable by snowmobile and yelled for the subj. He was on the other side of a 50 yards thicket of dense trees. Brian navigated around the trees and came out on the Granlibakken groomer. The subject was standing at the end of the groomer.

He was fine, just a little cold. Brian put him on the back of the snowmobile (his first time on a snomo) and they were off. He ended up being just under 1/4 mile from Silvertip.

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