TNSAR Search 21/03/2005

Lost Hiker in Snow Mountain wilderness area (Lake County)

TNSAR was called out Sunday night for a Monday morning search for a lost hiker in the South East corner of the Snow Mountain wilderness area (Lake and Colusa Counties). Casey Prince had left from the Summit Springs Road trailhead with his husky/wolf dog on March 13th, intending to return back to Summit Springs on Saturday, March 19th.

The search effort involved Search and Rescue teams from Lake, Marin, and Shasta counties, as well as TNSAR from Placer. TNSAR left Truckee at 5am and arrived Monday late morning, breaking up into 2 teams. The first intended to hike/ski the Deafy Glade trail, going from 3340 feet up past the snowline at 5600 feet, ultimately meeting team 2 which had driven to the Summit Springs Road trailhead to search from there.

Team 1 was soon turned back by the South Fork Stony Creek, which was running high and fast enough to prevent a crossing on the Deafy Glade trail heading up to the Summit Springs trailhead. They turned back and were ultimately driven to the Summit Springs trailhead, meeting up with team 2.

Prince was found around 2:30p.m., just as teams 1 and 2 were preparing to head up from the Summit Springs trailhead. The trailhead was at 5200 feet, with about 1 foot of wet snow on the ground.

Prince apparently spent the previous night in an old cabin in the wilderness, and was in good condition.

The team left at about 3:15pm, and after a stop in Yuba City for Dinner arrived back in Tahoe City at about 10:00pm.

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