TNSAR Search 06/03/2006

Snowmobiler at Sardine Peak

A snowmobiler became seperated from his 4 friends at about 5 pm the evening of March 5 after descending from Sardine Peak. TNSAR was called out at 5 am and was at the Little Truckee Summit at 8 am. Washoe Co SAR had searched through the night with 2 snowcats and 2 snowmobilers but had found nothing.
6 TNSAR snowmobiles searched around Sardine Peak, north and south on Smithneck Valley Road, including Jones Valley Road, the route to the lost person's home in Russel Valley, and around Stampede Resevoir, while skiers were transported to Sardine Peak by snowcat and searched down from there. The RPs were very confused about where they had last seen the victim and the tracks of the previous nights searchers complicated things.
At about 2 pm the sheriff coordinator received a call that the victim was at Bordertown on 395 at the Ca/Nv line. He had spent the night bivouaced near Babbit Peak, 8 miles northeast of Sardine Peak, after his snowmobile had run out of gas, and then had hiked out to Bordertown.

Sheriff Dispatch Comm Van Truck Skiers Snow Cats Snowmobiles
Fred Carey
Jackie Thomas
Marty Schoonmaker
Steve Twomey Doug Read
Sarah Lagano
Steve Twomey
Bernie Mellor
Jim Reinstra
Scoop Remenih Ray O'Brien
Scott Baumgartner
Bill Koplin
Steve Hoyt
David Hopp
Dirk Schoonmaker