TNSAR Search 09/03/2006

Mt. Lola

At aprox. 5:20 AM TNSAR was called out to search for three missing snowmobiler's in the area of Mt. Lola and Perraza Canyon. The reporting party was a friend that was snowmobiling with the others when they became seperated around 4 PM the day before. They had been riding in the White Rock Lake and Mt. Lola area when they all decided to return to Little Truckee Summit via Perraza canyon. Once they dropped of Mt. Lola they found them selves in deep snow and open creeks that appeard to be impassable. One of the riders was able to get through several of the creek crossings and returned on foot to assist his friends. The other three riders left the area and attempted to follow their tracks back up Mt. Lola. The other rider returned to his sled and headed to the trail head for help. He contacted his friend Tim, "The Groomer" and they headed back in with a grooming machine and a snowmobile in search of the other riders. By 2 AM they had not located the other riders and returned to the trail head to call Sierra County Sheriff for assitance. TNSAR team members met at the garage at 0700 and arrived at Little Truckee Summit at 0800. Members were briefed by both sheriff's and the RP. Five skiers and the RP started for the last seen point in the team cat, followed by Dave G. and Tony B. in the other cat and David Hopp and some of the RP's friends all on snowmobile's. The team cat reached the end of the road made from the groomer the night before. Just as the skiers were off loading, one of the lost snowmobiler's came out of the woods and saw us. The two other sleds followed close behind. They were all in good shape. They stated they made several attempts to find their way out in the dark when they decided to stop until day break. They shared one blanket, a bivy sack and several pine bows to stay warm. The other cat and snowmobilers arrived and after a short reunion with their friends everyone returned to the trail head without incident. Team members were treated to a great lunch at Los Dos Hermanos in Sierraville courtesy of the Sierra County Sheriff.

Sheriff Dispatch Comm Van Truck Skiers Snow Cats Snowmobiles Other
Sierra County
Fred Carey
Sage Bourassa
Jackie Thomas
Terri Viehmann
Dirk Schoonmaker
John Chilcote

Russ Viehmann Russ Viehmann
Doug Read
Mike Kennett
Paul Cushing
Michael LeFrancois
Dave Gleske
Tony Bochene
Jim White
Ray O'Brien
David Hopp
Bill Koplin
TJ Johnson
Reporting Party and several friends on snowmobiles.
Tim "The Groomer"