TNSAR Search 10/04/2006

Rescue assist at Peter Grubb Hut

At about 4:45 pm on Monday afternoon the Placer County Sheriff paged the Nordic Team for an “Agency Assist” for the CDF at a rescue at the Peter Grub Hut. The story was there was a 13 year old with a head injury at the hut with 50 first responders. CDF was requesting a snowcat or snomobiles to meet the party on the way out to transport the victim. Since the weather was bad, and the story unbelievable we called out the whole team to meet at the trailhead on donner summit

On arrival we found that a Donner Summit Fire medic had gone in with the Donner Summit PUD snowcat. They then met up with the victims party at the base of Castle Pass, packaged him on a backboard w/ oxygen, and transported out.

The Nordic Team stood by at the trailhead until the victim was out of the field.

Sheriff Dispatch Comm Van Truck Skiers Snow Cats Snowmobiles
Dave Hunt Randall Osterhuber
Kelli Twomey
Randy Williams Mike Kennett
Doug Read
Steve Twomey
Steve Reynaud
Ron Driller
Jonathan Laine
Bernie Mellor
Bob Wright
Jim Smith