TNSAR Search 25/02/2006

Twin Peaks Rescue

At approximately 4:45pm two backcountry skiers called 911 on their cell phone from Ward Canyon. One of the skiers had an injured knee and was unable to ski out (the other skier was uninjured). TNSAR was paged out for a rescue.

As the team was being called out, the team snow cat arrived at the staging area at the bottom of the Sherwood chair. The first three skiers met and deployed around 5:30pm. The caller talked to Team one by cell phone, giving a general location. Team one had a good route in, following the skierís tracks into the back county. Within 20 minutes the injured skier and his ski partner were found in the trees well below Twin Peaks.

Meanwhile the snow cat and snowmobiles were attempting to find a route into the victim. As the truck and more team members arrived, a second team of skiers loaded up the breakdown sled, sleeping bags and padding as well as other necessary gear and headed out.

When the first Team reached the callers, they assessed the patientís condition, splinted his knee and made an exit plan. Team two arrived promptly and the patient was packaged. With the help of Team three, and all eight skier sharing the workload, the patient was pulled to the base of the Sherwood chair.

By 8:00pm the injured skier and his ski partner (both in good spirits) were back at the staging area and loaded into their personal vehicle for the return trip to Reno (and to see the doctor).

Sheriff Dispatch Comm Van Truck Skiers Snow Cats Snowmobiles Other
Alan Carter Jackie Thomas
Terri Viehmann
Marty Schoonmaker
Lisa Swartz
Sarah Lagano
John Pang
Randall Osterhuber
Dirk Schoonmaker
Joe Pace

Paul Cushing
Mike Kennett

Mike LeFrancois
Russ Viehman
Paul Honeywell
Scoop Remenih
Steve Twoomey
TJ Johnson
Greg Briggs
Lance Frautschi
Dominic Baisi