TNSAR Search 26/11/2005

11/26/05 Search

Call out came Saturday morning at 03:45. Pagers were not working that great so I started a phone callout.El Dorado SAR asked for assistance on a search for two missing hikers in Desolation Wilderness. Four skiers headed down HWY 89 at 6 a.m. in the team truck. Upon arival we were told the missing person was waiting for us at the Bayview/Eagle Lake trail junction. We smiled as we left the Bliss Ranger Station thinking we were out to escort the hiker back to the parking lot. We arrived at the junction to find no hiker, and no track evidence of anyone for a while. We radioed the CC and told them we were going to proceed down the trail to the next junction. No hiker. Now we're thinking search. The team of four proceded to several more junctions to no avail, and cleared an area west of Middle Velma Lake. No tracks, so we decided he was either below us, or above us. After talking to CC and getting a clue about him saying he was near a large creek, we hiked back to Middle Velma and split into two teams. John and Mike hiked upstream, Sarah and Steve down. After a unknown team was dropped off at Fontanillis Lake by H-20, the hiker walked out of Eagle Lake trail on his own around 2p.m. It was a nice day, and a great hike none the less. This searcher happy he made it out alive.

Mike Kennett

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