TNSAR Search 27/10/2006

One (Three) Lost Hiker(s) Near Pole Creek

At about 1930 on October 27, TNSAR was dispatched by Placer County to look for a lost woman, 38 years old, last seen in the Pole Creek drainage.
At 1530 that afternoon, the woman and two male companions had driven up the Pole Creek road about 1.5 miles, parked and started hiking up slope. All three were from the Bay Area and unfamiliar with the terrain. Near dark, the two males became separated from the woman, reporting, “We just turned around and she was gone!” After nightfall (the moon was almost at first quarter and setting about 2000), all three were lost in the woods unable to find their way back to their car. One of the males called a friend of his in Tahoma who drove out to Pole Creek and continued to beep his horn while cruising the dirt road. The two males heard the car and followed the noise to the road. The woman remained missing.
Randall Osterhuber responded in the Team truck, driving up the Pole Creek road and picking up one of the RPs (one of the lost woman’s companions). He was followed by Jimmy Smith and Scoop Remenih. Just above the Pole Creek bridge, the woman came crashing through the brush and onto the road, caught in the glare of the Team truck’s headlights. She was thirsty, scared, scratched, and none too happy with her companions.
All were back on pavement by about 2100.

Sheriff Dispatch Comm Van Truck Skiers Snow Cats Snowmobiles Other
Terri Viehmann Randall Osterhuber Randall Osterhuber
Jimmy Smith
Scoop Remenih
Russ Viehmann
Squaw Valley FD