TNSAR Search 04/07/2009

Markleeville/Hangman's Bridge

Approximately Saturday, March 28th, 2009, a woman from Sun Valley, Nevada parked her car near Hangman’s Bridge (East Fork Carson River at Highway 89) and walked away. She had not been seen or heard from since.
TNSAR was dispatched on Monday morning, April 7, to respond to Markleeville and search for the woman. 10 searchers arrived in Markleeville at 12:30 pm and were assigned search areas along the East Fork Carson River, which had a medium flow of about 400 CFS with about 3 foot visibility. Teams worked both river banks downstream from the bridge until 5:00 pm, going about 4 miles, before they turned back. An Eldorado County searcher was transported across the river in the USGS cable car at the gaging station by Gerald so that she could be transported out by ATV with members from the right bank. The teams on the left bank continued searching up Markleeville Creek back to the Command Post.
Dinner was served at the Wolf Creek Bar and Grill and then 5 searchers drove back to Tahoe and 5 bedded down at the Merging Rivers Center for Well Being in town to be able to search again the next day.
On Tuesday, April 8, 5 more searches came down from Tahoe and at 8:00 am new assignments were given. 4 searchers assisted a tracker from Douglass County- Fernando. 4 searchers went up roads to the south of the East Fork Carson and 2 searchers combed the road shoulders from Markleeville to Hangman’s Bridge. As each of these assignments were completed new ones were assigned, which included helping search dogs and divers probe holes in the river, assisting the tracker and grid searching large areas of river bank and forests. Dogs were alerting all over the place with no resulting finds and Fernando found many tracks which also did not lead to a victim.
At 5:30 pm all searchers were out of the field and on their way back to Tahoe, having covered a lot of ground, without success. The search was to continue until Sunday.

Here are some pictures from the 2 days.

Sheriff Dispatch Comm Van Truck Skiers Snow Cats Snowmobiles
Jeff Davis Terri Viehmann
Marty Schoonmaker
Dirk Schoonmaker
DeeDee Driller
Chris McConnell
Diane Rienstra
Amy Horne
Chris McConnell Geoff Quine
Doug Carbonari
Gerald Rockwell
Jim Rienstra
Russ Viehmann
Dirk Schoonmaker
Jeff Devrie
Jim Granger
David Hopp
Megan Ganong
Bob Wright
Troy Corliss
Jimmy Smith
Mike LeFrancois