TNSAR Search 07/31/2009

Two tired hikers on PCT between Alpine and Squaw

Two men went hiking with limited supplies expecting a short hike from Five Lakes to Squaw Valley via the Pacific Crest Trail. After several hours they were directly below the top of Siberia Chair in the Whiskey Creek drainage and one of the men was severely dehydrated and passing out. They called for help by cell phone.
Squaw Valley Fire responded first and got CareFlight coming and then TNSAR was dispatched. At the time TNSAR arrived in the Squaw parking lot, CareFlight had just reached the men and were preparing to transport one to the hospital, leaving one man (who was in good shape) and a medic in the field. Because of unknown return time for the helicopter, the decision was made to have TNSAR rendezvous with the 2 people in the field.
TNSAR drove to the top of Emigrant Chair and, using GPS coordinates relayed from CareFlight, worked down cross country, arriving with the patient just after CareFlight returned. After the patient was transported the members hiked out and paid for their own expensive hamburgers at The Blue Coyote in Squaw Valley.

Sheriff Dispatch Comm Van Truck Skiers Snow Cats Snowmobiles Other
Jeff Davis Marty Schoonmaker
Kelli Twomey
Ray O'Brien
Kathy Chilcotte
Jon Chilcotte
Steve Twomey
Jimmy Smith
Russ Viehmann
David Hopp
Dirk Schoonmaker
Squaw Valley Fire Dept