TNSAR Search 10/04/2008

4 Hikers near Tinker's Knob

At 7:45 am Saturday morning TNSAR was dispatched for a search near Tinkerís Knob. A group of four hikers had departed Echo Lake several days previously to backpack to Barker Pass, where their shuttle car was parked. They had reached Barker Pass early enough on Friday that they decided to continue hiking the PCT to old Hwy 40 at Donner Pass. As the weather deteriorated in the afternoon a 62 year old woman got seperated from the other group of three. The two groups remained in touch with each other by cell phone and made camps. During the night temperatures dropped to near freezing, about an inch of rain fell, and winds over the crest gusted to as high as 100 mph. In the morning someone from the group of 3 called 911 requesting help.
The team met at the garage at 8:30 am, got more information and decided to send a team of 2 (Team 1) to the top of Squaw Valley to hike the PCT north towards Tinkerís Knob and a team of 5 hikers (Team 2) and 2 ATVers (Team 3) to the area of Tinkerís Knob via Pole Creek, the Bradley hut and upper Deep Creek. Helicopters were called for but were unable to access the area due to heavy cloud cover and high winds.
At about 11:00 am Team 3 reached the 3 hikers northeast of Tinkerís Knob and started to evacuate them. They were cold and wet but in no medical danger. 5 minutes later Team 1 came upon a barely conscious female lying face down in the trail, about a quarter mile south of Tinkerís Knob. Her clothes were soaked to the skin so they removed them with difficulty and replaced them with a full set of warm dry gear, and started carrying her up the trail. Within minutes 3 members of Team 2 met them on the trail and assisted with the carry, up over the saddle into upper Deep Creek and down the old ďroadĒ toward the Bradley Hut. About a quarter mile down the road they were met by an ATV with a litter, which the patient was strapped into and the ATV carried the litter with team members running along side it down another quarter mile to where the trail widened out slightly. At that point a team member got on the ATV holding the litter while the driver continued down the rough road for about 4 miles until they reached the Truckee Fire ambulance, where the patient was turned over to paramedics.

Sheriff Dispatch Comm Van Truck Skiers Snow Cats Snowmobiles
Dave Hunt
Terri Viehmann
Kelli Twomey
Marty Schoonmaker
Rick Miller Ray O'Brien Hikers:

Team 1:
Thomas Smith
Dirk Schoonmaker

Team 2:
Steve Twomey
Paul Honeywell
Bob Wright
Jimmy Smith
Chris McConnell
ATV Team 3:
TJ Johnson
Rick Schnoor