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TNSAR Search 1/18/2010

2 Snowboarders at Alpine Meadows- Lakeview to Paige Meadows

Submitted by Dirk Schoonmaker

  2 snowboarders left the top of Lakeview chair at Alpine Meadows at 1:30 on a stormy afternoon.  They called from Paige Meadows at 3:30 to say they were lost.   The PCSO dispatcher who took the call was able to get GPS coordinates from the 911 cell phone contact and they were given to team members.  4 skiers left from Joe Pace's house on Zermatt in Alpine Peaks, 2 skiers were transported to the top of Lakeview in Alpine's troop carrier, and the snowcat left from the top of Silvertip in Talmont.  At 6:30  the MPs reported by cell phone that they could see lights in the woods, and shortly, they were joined by the 4 skiers from Alpine Peaks.  They then rendezvoused with the snowcat and were transported out to Silvertip.

    All team members and the MP's enjoyed dinner at Bridgetender.

John Lasagna
Dave Morris
Rick Schnoor
Terri Viehmann
Marty Schoonmaker
Chris McConnell
Kathi and John ChilcoteDirk SchoonmakerMark Johnson
Steve Twomey
Joe Pace
Russ Viehmann
Doug Read
Bob Wright
Geoff Quine
Dave Gleske
John Pang
Jimmy Smith
TJ Johnson
Scott Meyer
Kyle Railton
Nick Demopoulous
Chris McConnell
Alpine Meadows Patrol:
Jeff Goldstone
Brian Slosser

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