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TNSAR Search 12/30/2009

Midnight Hiker in Paige Meadows

Submitted by Dirk Schoonmaker

      At midnight, a Tahoe visitor decided it was time for a hike in the woods.  He left his cabin on Club Drive in Talmont and headed out into Paige Meadows, with only the clothes on his back.  It was a dark and stormy night and the victim became disoriented and lost.  Fortunately he had a Verizon cell phone with him and after 2 hours decided to call his brother at the cabin and declare himself lost.  His brother called PCSO and TNSAR was dispatched. Armed with GPS coordinates taken from the cell phone, three skiers took offf into the night at about 5:00 am and, following the coordinates given, reached the victim moments before two snowmobilers would have gotten there.     

  He was transported to the command post by snowmobile and walked home safely.  Team members convened at The Firesign Cafe for a debriefing.

Sage BarrassoTerri Viehmann
Marty Schoonmaker
Mike LeFrancois
Paul Cushing
Russ Viehmann
Joe Pace
Dirk Schoonmaker
Bob Wright
Brian York
Jimmy Smith
Dave Gleske
Bill Koplin
Ray O'Brien
Chris McConnell

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