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TNSAR Search 3/03/2014

Aircraft Crash Juniper Meadows

Submitted by Chris McConnell

PSCO called at about 11:00am asking for the snowmobile team to be placed on standby for possible downed aircraft near Martis Peak. At approximately 11:25am PSCO requested TNSAR snowmobiles and snowcat.

CHP H24 was able to locate the aircraft location and provide approximate GPS coordinates.

Nordic 2 (snowmobiles) departed Martis Peak Road/Turnout at about noon and a about 20 minutes later was on scene with the aircraft.

Soon after the TNSAR Snowcat arrived to provide transport for the Pilot and NT Fire Medics. TNSAR and PSCO Snowmobiles arrived about 60 minutes later with the rescue sled to transport the passenger.

FAA asked the team to disable the ELT. We located ELT by removing the access panel under the tail and switching the orange ELT to off. The team packed up the remaining gear and personnel and made our way back to the ICP.

Everyone was out of the field and headed home by 6:00pm.



Sage Barrasso
Dave Hunt
John Lasagna
John Giovaninni
Laura Read
PSCO: Kristen Mann

Ray O'Brien
Jim Helminiak

PCSO Snowcat:
Scott Meyer
Kyle Railton
Scott Baumgardner
Chris McConnell
John Lasagna
NT Fire (4 people)

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