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TNSAR Search 2/11/2019

Skier from Crow's Nest at Sugarbowl


At 7 pm TNSAR was paged out for a missing skier at Sugarbowl Ski Area with no last known point. 7 skiers, a snowcat and the comm van responded. Ski Patrol reported that the MP had texted at noon with his girlfriend, then no contact after that.

It was decided that the 7 skiers would search from Roller Pass, as the most likely spot the MP went out of bounds, and that ski patrol would search the western boundaries from the top of Disney chair around Crow's Nest looking for tracks.

The skiers got rides to the crest in grooming machines and searched for tracks down into Emigrant and Coldstream Canyons but found none, other than true backcountry skiers skin tracks. At the time they decided to head back to the resort, they got word that CHP H20 had spotted a headlamp in the Onion Creek drainage and were picking up the MP. All skiers were out of the field at about 10 pm.

The report was that the skier left the ski area boundary somewhere around Crow's Nest at 1:30 and headed downhill until he hit Onion Creek Campground, where the CHP found him.

Mike MasonMatt Jacobs
Doug Read
Spike Wimmer
Dirk Schoonmaker
Bob Wright
Russ Viehmann
Andrew Cobourn
Andrew Oesterreicher
Chelsea Swan
Logan Talbott
Scott BaumgartnerSugarbowl Patrol
CHP Helicopter H20

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