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TNSAR Search 3/23/2019

Northstar Snowboarder on the Forest Service Road to Truckee


A snowboarder was reported overdue after a day of riding at Northstar, last seen on Challenger Run on the west side of the resort.

The TNSAR snowcat, 10 skiers and a snowmobiler responded to Northstar at 1900.

The snowcat transported skiers to the top of Northstar and then went down to search the Fiberboard Freeway and 06 road. Skiers searched out of bounds on the south side of Challenger Run and from Hellsgate along the O6 Road. At about 22:00 the snowcat spotted a snowboard track leaving the road just west of the ski area boundary. Skiers started following it down into Deer Creek for about 3/4 of a mile before it turned to boot tracks and started heading back up to the 06. The tracks wandered up and down and eventually started paralleling the 06, about 30' below the road. At that time the snowmobiler was able to spot the tracks from the road and started following them until he caught up with the MP four miles down the road at about 2330. He was cold and tired but otherwise fine.

The snowcat picked up the MP and skiers and transported them back to the Command Post.

Dave Lade
Ken White

Bernie Mellor
Dirk Schoonmaker
Russ Viehmann
Andrew Oesterreicher
Calvim Mitchell
Paul Kitano
Troy Corliss
Sarah Krammen
Neil Morse
J Hibler
Scott Meyer
Scott Baumgartner
Pat Gisriel

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