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PowderHorn to 5 Lakes

Mike, Brian, Angus and Dave showed up for this terrain familiarization hike. Clear skies and temps in the low 60ís made for good hiking conditions. We covered about 12.2 miles over gentle terrain with the usual stops at Diamond Crossing and Whiskey Creek Camp. Worked the GPS/map/compass several places along the way, identified good landmarks and noted the areas where people get lost off the back side of Alpine. After Whiskey Creek Camp near Five Lakes, we detoured to the saddle overlooking Squaw, then the switchback rocky path down to the trailhead where we had stashed my jeep. A nice day on the trail, good to be training again. Thanks to Mike for setting it up, surprised at the low turnout, it was a good one. Thanks to my Nieces for the chocolate chip cookies -

All photos and text by David Wright.

10/7/05 8:52 PM

10/7/05 9:20 PM

10/7/05 9:30 PM

10/7/05 9:39 PM

10/7/05 10:14 PM

10/7/05 10:57 PM

10/7/05 11:29 PM

10/8/05 12:43 AM

10/8/05 12:44 AM

10/8/05 12:46 AM

10/8/05 1:00 AM

10/8/05 1:57 AM

10/8/05 1:58 AM

10/8/05 1:58 AM

10/8/05 1:59 AM

10/8/05 1:59 AM

10/8/05 2:00 AM