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Mt Rose

Skiers went in from Mt. Rose highway towards Tamarack Lake, then up to Tamarack Peak. Snowcat went in at the Incline Lake turn off and headed toward Tamarack peak. We arrived at the peak and radioed the skiers; they were still some distance away so we proceeded towards the Mt. Rose Relay Station. Once at the station the skiers radioed and wanted to meet near Frog Lake. We all met and the skiers loaded up in the cat and we headed back to the relay station (10117 ft elevation). We had lunch, looked at maps and worked with our GPS's, before the skiers headed down hill with us following in the cat. Once at the bottom the skiers loaded up again for a ride back up to Tamarack Peak. We parted ways with the skiers who skied down Hour Glass shoot back towards Mt. Rose highway. The snowcat headed back to the main (relay) road and then to Mt. Rose Meadow. Everyone was out safe around 1:30. Great Day!

Photos by Ray O'Brien.

Photo's by Polly McGehee

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