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Bradley Hut

Doug Reads 50th Annual Pole Creek/Bradley Hut slumber party was another can't miss hit. 8 folks spent Friday night at the Hut, with 8 more heading up Saturday morning. 4 of Friday's guests headed out first thing Saturday to give their regards at Billy's Peak, while the remaining 4 set up two different avalanche scenarios (one minor, one major) for the unsuspecting group on their way up. The more serious avalanche resulted in the burial of Ray O'Brien along with 4 of his non-German-speaking-German friends. The hillside was eventually disemboweled of the victims, 4 (Beacon's) of which were tossed into a throw sack while Ray was strapped Death Row tight to a pair of skis and ferried down the hill, free from harm. Rumor has it this was Ray's first time on skis.

After a planned evacuation by a helicopter was cancelled (no heli), the remaining stragglers headed up to Deep Creek Peak for their reward of an effortless ski down. It was at this point that CalStar came through for us, landing South of the Bradley hut just as we were coming down from our ski. After a nice intro and tour of the bird, CalStar left us with the unenviable task of making it back to our cars. Most of us did, unscathed.

Photos by Ray O'Brien (first 7) and David Wright (last 34)

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