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April 2015

When I was a kid, I was always told there were 3 things you weren’t supposed to talk about. Sex, religion and politics. Well… I always talk about sex so this time how about religion and politics! Besides, technically I am typing, not speaking.

Jesus, The Easter Bunny and Jerry Brown. Almost sounds like the start of a joke. Jesus, The Easter Bunny and Jerry Brown all walk into a bar… Two of these are obviously associated with Easter. To be honest, I was never quite sure how a gift giving rabbit got associated with a religious acknowledgement of the rising of a crucified messiah from the dead. Nor do I intend to challenge the validity of either story. I do know, or read, or was told that the rabbit, most likely due to his propagation tendencies was the official animal that the Pagans associated with the god Ēostre which is the Spring Goddess of Fertility. Has to do with the whole spring thing where crops grow from the ground and most animals find one another wildly attractive.

But I digress. So what does Jerry Brown have to do with Easter you may ask? Nada. Zip. But for that matter, what does he have to do with the Sierra snowpack. So don’t get me wrong.  I like Jerry Brown. As least as much as you can like a politician. However, I thought it somewhat silly what I read in the Sierra Sun this Friday. Seems Mr. Brown traveled up to the Sierras to personally oversee the snowpack levels. Now in some years, I might think that was pretty cool. He could see firsthand the technique for determining the reservoir of snow for California’s water. However, in this year, where the actual snow depth was zero, as in none, as in dirt, it seems somewhat ridiculous. I mean I imagine that someone must have known that prior to Mister Brown traveling up here to stand on the ground. I support his declaration that we all conserve water this year. Let the golf courses get a little “Brown” (get it?) and maybe your cars as well. If we all conserve, perhaps our wells won’t go dry and we can make it through this summer. If we all practice fire safety, hopefully we won’t burst into flames. I just don’t think that JB had to personally travel here to get the point across. I hope he at least did something fun here and supported the local economy while here by buying a T- shirt or a Big Truck hat!

So all in all, a pretty quiet month. I did hear however that there was a GSR after all. Seems some team members decided to bike/hike/ wander the trail in defiance of the weather. To keep the tradition alive. Then, lo and behold, it seems there was just enough snow that they were able to actually ski the trail. Not with the good skis mind you but on skis nonetheless. Seems there was even a soup station set up along the way. Glad to see that our team managed a festive event in the spirit of it all.

We also finally got around to doing the Wilderness survival at Truckee elementary. I waited for Miracle March to save us and give us some snow for snow caves, etc. So was the school. Finally we just went for it. Luckily, it turned out to be a cool, and thanks to some previous rain, a little moist morning. Enough to chill the kids. We ended up having a great turn out of members to run stations and it ended up going very well. Seeing as it still gets cold, dark and scary even in the summer, it is just as important I guess that these children still learn that they need not to get more lost if they do go astray in times without snow. Plus, with no snow, there are no tracks to follow back. And I keep stressing that we need to teach them hopefully how not to get lost in the first place.

I guess the really exciting thing this month was the Heli training. If you have not seen the clever video that was done, check out: https://vimeo.com/123212739. Not sure how we got the rights from Ponch and Jon but I was impressed they joined in on the fun. Last I knew, Ponch was trying to sell me lakefront on Lake Shastina.

Searches? So a search the other night for some hikers at Squaw. I got the call but it seems they were found right away. I appreciated that as I was up since 4:30 that morning and was dozing as it was as I rolled through the Ag station. When I got home and called, they had already been found. A win/win I felt as I slipped into the hot tub and bed instead of a search pack.

Weather? So a little snow in the forecast. Not much…but every flake (drop) counts. So glad it is going to be really cold while the kids are on break and we are doing a staycation. Skiing….maybe? Skating….where? Biking..brrr. Still, it is the Sierras and there is always something fun to do!

Hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to at least summer. Remember if you have some interesting news to share, please send it on. As you can see, I am dredging the bottom here people.



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