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December 2015

Okay. Still no searches to date. That is good. People not getting lost is still good. As much as we like to get the adrenaline pumping and get out there to do what we train for, people not needing us is good. That is not to say you still can't lose someone in a crowd.



Still, it is looking like we might actually have a winter this year. All forecasts are pointing towars a series of storms hitting the Sierras over the next week that could put us back in the days of yore when it comes to snow. I, for one, am pretty excited. Like a little kid on Christmas Eve. Of course, with the snow will come the searches!.

So I trust you have all been good this year and that Santa will bring you the new GPS or skis or whatever you deserve. Remember to smile at people over the holidays,,,,even if the tourists cut you off (by accident) and you have to wait in line at the store. After all, Christmas Spirit and all. And in light of that, I will make this newsletter brief and leave you with a poem. 



T’was the weeks before Christmas, There’s snow on the ground, If people get lost now, well they should be found

They come from Seattle, they come from the Bay, They come from all over to Tahoe to play


They’ll ski off the backside, they’ll ski to the right, They’ll snowshoe and wander until it is night

We’ll follow their footsteps, we’ll follow their tracks…we’ll carry the things to help out on our backs.


The temperatures chilly, that’s good for the snow, One morning I woke up to see 2 below.

That night I was sledding, down road I did glide, Was incredibly glad I could sleep warm inside


We keep that in mind as a searching we go, Nobody we find wants to sleep in the snow!

Quickly deploying, is often the key, So back in our own beds we safely can be.


It takes preparation, it takes lots of training, We look to the sky and we hope its not raining

And speaking of weather, I checked it today, It  seems like a big storm might be on its way


The snowcat is snuggled , all warm in its berth, Like stockings that soon will be up on the hearth

The truck there beside it, all stocked to the brim, With treasures like snickers all hidden within


The snowmobiles fuel tanks by now should be full, In hopes that they all start with simply one pull

The skins safely coiled, the skis applied wax, All of the things you need packed in your packs


You know it is coming, by text or by phone, “My loved ones are out there, they didn’t come home!”

“They stopped and had a dinner, They posted on Yelp, They’re in the Sierras, I hope that will help.”


On Douglas, On Russel, On Jimmy, on Dirk! It takes all our members to make this team work

Its Dispatch and Com van, its skiers, its sleds, Its’ all of the teammates we’ve roused from their beds


To the top of the peak, to the summit we race, Sometimes a strong storm, is the challenge we face

With beacons transmitting, our GPS on, We’ll canvas a grid, sometimes until dawn


Our radios chatter, keeps us on our way, Like so many reindeer each pulling the sleigh.

But you’ll hear us exclaim, as we go out of sight, "We’ll do all we can to make everything right!"



The goal of TNSAR is to conduct fast and safe rescues, and to help educate the public on winter safety. If you would like to help TNSAR in this cause, please use the following PayPal donate link. Thanks!

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