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TNSAR Search 12/31/2015

Broken tib/fib below Maggie's Peak

Submitted by Dirk Schoonmaker

Dispatched at 1:40 pm for a skier who had broken his tib/fib below Maggie's Peak at 11 in the morning. El Dorado County requested TNSAR mutual aid. Team left the garage at 3:00 with 5 skiers. Upon arrival at Bayview Trailhead, we were told that El Dorado searchers had reached the victim after 2.5 hours hiking in. We got to just below his position after 45 minutes hiking in and were told to standby while El Dorado prepared him for helicopter transport. We suggested that the victim be moved down the slope to a good LZ so the helicopter would not need to hoist but our request was denied.

With 15 minutes of daylight remaining, the National Guard Blackhawk hoisted the victim out. We helped carry the El Dorado sled out from the scene.

Sage Barrasso
Marty Schoonmaker
Toni Rockwell
Dirk Schoonmaker
Steve Twomey
Russ Viehmann
John Pang
Eric Stendell
Paul Kitano
Joanna Wright
Troy Corliss

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